FuturePath Hybrid

Success Story:  Dura-Line’s FuturePath Hybrid 6-Way transformed a metro power company’s
cramped underground network into an expandable future-ready pathway —
saving as much as 90% compared to traditional construction.



As the demand for bandwidth continues to skyrocket, network builders need solutions that install fiber faster, lower or eliminate construction costs, and provide for future expansion, all with limited space available. MicroTechnology is a forward-thinking, future-oriented technology that solves these concerns with MicroDucts and FuturePath. Both single MicroDucts or MicroDucts bundled together as FuturePath allow for controlled expansion of your network so bandwidth requirements can be scaled as needed.

With FuturePath’s multiple pathways, adding additional fiber is quick and easy without additional construction costs.

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FuturePath Hybrid is designed for installation using the same tools and equipment that are used for traditional conduit:

  • Can be installed by Direct Buried, Directional Bore (HDD), Trench, Plow, or MicroTrenching
  • Works for all applications including Long-Haul, Back-Haul, Metro, FTTx, MDU
  • Multiple configurations with a combination of Standard Conduit and MicroDuct options to fit your fiber optic cable needs
  • Standard 20 gauge locate wire making locates easy and reliable
  • FuturePath Hybrid contains 2 or more sizes of pathways, including combinations of Standard Conduit and MicroDucts to accommodate larger fiber cables for today and room to expand your network in the future with dense MicroCable


  • Multiple pathways under one sheath
  • Build to scale as demand rises
  • More efficient and faster fiber placement
  • Smaller, fewer reels reduce handling, staging, shipping
6-Way FP Hybrid Diagram Page 1-01

FuturePath Hybrid 6-Way

FuturePath configuration with 3 Standard Conduit and 3 MicroDuct pathways. A perfect choice for customers who have needs to run MicroCables and larger standard fiber cables at the same time, or would like to plan for future possibilities.

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"The Dura-Line FuturePath product allowed us to upgrade our infrastructure, so we can make our cities smarter and more data driven..."

—Alabama Power